About Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond Guide

Rough Diamonds refer to diamonds which are still in their natural state after being removed from the belly of the earth. This is the stage before they are actually cut or polished in order to create the marvelous diamonds found in all of our unique jewelry.

To the uneducated eye, rough diamonds look more like a shard of glass that can be found anywhere. They are dull, oily looking and come in many colors. Rough diamonds are revered for their pure, untouched natural state. It is difficult for the layman to know or understand the value of a rough diamond.

The rough diamonds that eventually become the gem quality diamonds that we sell represent less than 20% of all diamonds that are mined. The other rough diamonds are sold as industrial diamonds.

Rough diamonds are sorted into groups according to their crystal qualities just like the categories of polished diamonds, such as shape, size, quality and color.

Buying rough diamonds is an acquired skill developed over many years by those who purchase and sell rough diamonds. Once the rough diamonds are purchased, the end result is due to the creativity, expertise and skill of the manufacturer.

The eventual pricing of a diamond has a direct relation to the cost of the rough diamond. The end price to the consumer reflects the cost of the rough diamond, while only a small percentage of the end price to the consumer is attributed to the actual cutting and polishing of the diamond.