About Us

Company is Founded in 2005 is today UAE's leading one of the most advanced diamond wholesalers, Importers and Exporters company. Company growth YoY basis increases more than 15%.

Our main promoter is in diamond trade for over 15 years and is overall in charge of the management, oversee production management and procurement of rough diamonds. Directors take care of financial management and also handles marketing of polished diamond. The directors are supported by professional and experienced management team having good exposure in the fields of manufacturing, finance and marketing.

We have a direct contract for Rough purchase from various Suppliers, miner & rune to mine goods from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Angola. We also source from the suppliers based in Belgium, Israel, UAE, and India. We only support the responsible way of sourcing natural diamonds.

At Rhythm Dimon, we cover the Quality Management, Business Ethics, Information Management System, Environmental Management, Employment Policies, Business Continuity, Traceability, with great efficiency.

Focused On Our Mission

Our Values Defines Our Action.


Maintain an ethical diamond manufacturing in the interest of our people and the industry, through the most responsible decisions.


Serving as a Framework for our mission aiming to accomplish in order to grow sustainably.

Core Values

While we aspire that our high-end product offerings will touch the hearts of millions around the world,